DD38 in Shawano (shamWOW) WI

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Sick and tired of bench racing? Make your call outs and plan the grudges matches, July 16th @ BIR bring your car and your wallet!

Saturday July 16th:
Gates Open: 7AM
Tech Opens: 8AM
Drag Racing : 9AM – 6PMChange of info:

Keeping this super simple.

Lets have some fun and race some cars!!!

Off street racing.

No classes

Time trials all day

2 staging lanes for call outs/grudge matches running heads up, Pro Tree.

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FD in Minnesota?

Want to see some Pro drifters shread some rubber in MN? “Like” this page on face book and they will make it happen!!!!
Please “like” this page, so we can draw some attention and get professional drifters in Minnesota. I’m not sure on where, when, or how it’ll happen but let’s make some noise and bring the big boys to town.

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CRA and Show ‘n’ Go at BIR

4th of July weekend, what to do? I say do it all!!!! Starting off with Friday night I made my way back upto BIR to hang out with the CRA crowd, it’s a whole new crew compared to the map event that happened the week before hand, but still lots of fun, I have to say thanks to Dennis for giving me a ride on the mok and getting me in and giving me a spot to work from on Saturday. I was the flag/corner worker on turns 10/11 on birs comp corse, lots of fast good riders made for a great weekend! I did not get to watch any of the cars at the show and go, but I did walk past a green old school pick up that cought my eye, so I had to take a photo of it!




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Happy 4th of July

Have a happy 4th of July! we could not have asked for a nicer day now get your ass outside and drink a beer and enjoy!!

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Proving Grounds 2011

This will be my first of manny weekends up at bir, and we will say it was one for the record books!! After a great party with DirtyLove, the epdc crew (empty pocket drift crew) and the renown performance guys Friday was a hell of a night! Then on to Saturday, waking up a little to “tired” to autox I just chilled out with some friends and watched at the road corse and at the drag strip, waiting for some drifting action. Super fun! Although I did not have my helmet I did get to snag one and got a ride with Cody thanks pimp you know how to slide the piss outta that thing with only one hand on the wheel! Lol and Pk and audi the only drivers you can tell give it 110% the whole time.
Saturday night party was dope! Eric djing and the dirty love power hour really set it off. Sunday the drift comp happend a little to early for me as I missed some of the runs do the the fun I had sat night, I rand the autox in my car in the afternoon, it was all right but I cut it short to watch some of the guys running there bikes on the road corse. Over all I’ll never miss this event in the future… Ever






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Do it


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Proving Grounds 2011 @ BIR

what the hell are you doing this weekend? easy you better be coming up to BIR for the biggest party they will have this summer!
From Drifting to Road racing, from Drags to AutoX it will all be going down starting this friday night!

more details at http://www.maperformance.com/proving-grounds.html

More info at http://www.maperformance.com/proving-grounds.html

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The Bug

so after three weekends of watching drifting and knowing there is another event going on next weekend i feel like i just got rebit by the drift bug. and after luke let me drive his S14 i think it may be time to let the civic go o a new owner and i need to start on a RWD project!

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Angled Lines Coverage from Map DDYK Round one and two

Angled Lines Coverage from Map DDYK Round one and two.

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