Just another civic

My 1996 Honda Civic CX
I got this car about two months ago after the my other car had taken a shit on me. now after a few little mods that most people told me that they would not not work, and would not look good, all though i have a few things i still am going to be changing i would like to know what yall think of the car so far

Photos by Jared Levine Photography

modifications: K-Sport coilovers – Motagie MR8 wheels 16X7 front and rear offset +42 – 205-55-16 tires

Photos by Jared Levine Photography

Cold air intake – DC shift knob – Civic TypeR front lip – Racing bucket seats – custom red felt headliner – B-pillar bar.

Photo by Jared Levine Photography

Plans, i am still looking into a motor option, i am looking to put down around 150 whp in this sub 2000 LBS car. also looking to change up the look for next summer!

Photos by Jared Levine Photography

Thanks to Jared Levine Photography for the pics to see more check out his Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/42812388@N03/sets/72157624296509425/with/4761131181/

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6 Responses to Just another civic

  1. Noah says:

    Love it!!!

    Love how ya spelled “Strait”

  2. Some Guy says:

    The car looks like crap. Wayyyy too many stickers for 100 hp economy car.

  3. jmuag says:

    Some Guy: Stickers gain horse power you didn’t kow? I wanna see this blog revised. Start making some catchy decals and post them up, and make some money.

  4. Munky King says:

    Guys got a talent for making a car look good!
    His JD 240sx is the MNsportcompact car of the month.
    Good on ya D for not following the pack – keep making your own style.

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